ChiaoGoo Accessories - End Stoppers for SPIN and TWIST Interchangeable tips

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ChiaoGoo resin End Stoppers. Each packet contains two of the same size stoppers.

We have three different sized stoppers - so check the description carefully: 

  • Black [L] end stoppers fit onto all Large [L] coded cables
  • White [S] end stoppers fit onto all Small [S] coded cables
  • Red [M] end stoppers fit onto all Mini [M] cables

Note on ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Sizes:

The SPIN and TWIST interchangeable systems use the following parts: Tips, Cables, End Stoppers, Adapters, Tightening Keys, Rubber Grippers and Cable Connectors. Search this website for 'ChiaoGoo' to get the complete range of parts. 

SPIN and TWIST cables and parts are compatible, allowing you to switch tips and parts. Cables and parts are coded [M], [S] & [L]. 

ChiaoGoo interchangeables use the following sizing system: 

  • Mini [M] accessories are used for tips 1.50 mm to 2.50 mm (TWIST)
  • Small [S] accessories are used for tips 2.75 mm to 5.00 mm (SPIN & TWIST)
  • Large [L] accessories are used for tips 5.50 mm to 10.00 mm (SPIN & TWIST)