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Vintage Made Magazine

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  • Issue 11, June 2018

100% Australian-Owned  magazine specializing in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, crafts, up-cycling, food and all things retro!

Contains several full size sewing or knitting patterns, retro architecture and interior design, recipes, profiles of people making vintage items or up-cycling found items, stories about Australian vintage arts and crafts, pictures and stories sent in by readers, and book reviews. 

We seriously love this magazine and look forward to seeing it twice a year!

From the Publisher: 

Vintage Made is about the love of 1920 – late 1950 vintage fashion and the return to a simpler way of living. It includes a mix of articles, tutorials, nostalgia, profiles, cosmetic and/or hair-styling tips, stunning Gallery shots and information on how to identify true vintage. Issue 1 for example, profiles Dita Von Teese, has a step by step 1950’s hairstyle tutorial, looks at the history of handbags and underwear, explains what style of hat goes with a certain face shape and takes a look at the Golden Era of costume jewelry. The mix includes 4 regular columns, around 10 feature articles, 3 tutorials and a Calendar of Australian Events. The first issue contains an overview of the 1920’s to 1950’s. All following issues will have a slightly different theme, looking at each era in more depth. Join us on an ongoing journey through time, looking at the fashion of the decade and the moments in history that helped shape that decade. You will learn how to date clothing and accessories to a particular time period, with stunning photography and well researched information. It is all about the shared love of vintage and the evocative emotions that living vintage elicits.