Undyed superfine New Zealand Merino - 19 micron

Undyed superfine New Zealand Merino - 19 micron

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100% pure New Zealand fine merino

The oldest established breed in the world, the Merino has the softest and finest wool of all breeds. Merino garments have superb drape, handle and resilience.
The fibre gives maximum warmth with minimum bulk making Merino ideal for baby wear.
Fine fleeces from specialty growers are washed to remove the excess wax and grease, carded, gilled and combed into sliver/roving/combed top.
Fibre diameter:   18.5-19 micron
Staple length:   6.5-10cm (2 ½-4ins)
Suggestions for use:

Spin into a fine semi-worsted or woollen yarn with approx 13 twists per 2.5cm (1in) in the plied washed yarn.
Knitting:   Baby wear, shawls and light-weight garments as this yarn has a very soft handle.
Weaving:   Light-weight garments.
Felting:   Suitable for both wet and needle felting.

Amount : 500g bump


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