Stansborough - Bofur Fingerless Gloves Kit

  • $21.00
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Professionally and accurately designed from Stansborough's "Mithril" TM yarn, as used in the movies, these gloves are something you can make yourself or gift to any avid knitter or Hobbit Fan. Easy to follow pattern, with the yarn you need to create your own piece of "Middle Earth" TM.

Beautifully packaged with story, pattern and one ball of pure, natural, magical yarn.

Note: If you wish to make the XL size gloves, you will require an extra ball of yarn.

This is the actual yarn chosen by Peter Jackson and his team for creating knitwear for some of the Hobbits of "Middle Earth" TM! These beautiful 100% totally natural and sustainable yarns come in beautiful biodegradable overdyed shades and wash up to make a soft and sophisticated yet hard-wearing range of knitted products.

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