Daruma - Fine Sashiko Thread in 6 Variegated colours

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Fine Sashiko thread with four twists; easy to use from a fine pattern to a very large pattern. Card wound thread that is easy to cut to desired length and easy to store.

Daruma Variegated threads come in two types: 

Two-color Resistant Yarn Dying - Colours 301-303 are inspired  by the “Japanese Summer Festival" and provide brilliant colours that appear randomly, so can be used not only for regular patterns and running stitch, but for random stitching. Brilliant pops of colour emerge here and there, meaning that even a monotonous pattern can be an accent. 

Three-colour Interval Dying -  Colours 401-403 are patterned with a 5 cm - 7 cm interval,  so that the stitches are balanced.  With white between the other colours, these threads look especially brilliant on Indigo fabric. 

100% cotton; 40 metres per card; made in Japan.