Silk Merino Scarf Felting Kit - Juniper

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Create a beautifully soft silk/merino scarf in nuno-felt.

Kit includes:
50gms (1¾ozs) of silk/merino
24cm x 1.75m (9½ins x 6ft) of silk chiffon
Step-by step instructions

Fibre in this kit is 'Juniper' colour -  A midnight shade with blues, violet and black

About Silk Merino fibre - 

A sumptuous fibre blend made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk. The fine 22 micron merino and the lustre of the silk makes this a truly luxurious blend. Create fine, lacy and lightweight yarn for knitting or unique semi-worsted yarns for weaving. Available in 1kg (2.2lbs) bumps or in 100gm (3½oz) bags.

The Merino sheep used for the production of this kit are well cared for and are not mulesed.