Truly Myrtle - Pokiha Shawl Pattern for Ladies in 8-ply / DK


There’s something special about knitting simple stitches with simply processed yarn that calms us down and feeds our souls.

Pokiha takes a classic triangular shape and a rustic yarn and gives them an elegant twist for a very modern, relaxed style.

Full of stitches that you can knit in your sleep, Pokiha lets you be still and quiet and truly enjoy glorious DK yarn running through your fingers.

With its play on texture, winged ends and simple rolled edges, Pokiha is effortlessly wearable and is set to quickly become a classic wardrobe staple.

The pattern is ideal for both beginner and experienced knitters.

Pattern has been test knit and professionally tech edited.

Width: approx. 169cm/661⁄2” (blocked) 
Depth at the widest part: approx. 61cm/ 24” (blocked)

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