Teach Yourself to Sew by Threads Magazine - Issue Winter 2013

Teach Yourself to Sew by Threads Magazine - Issue Winter 2013

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  • Get in the Race
    • On Your Mark. Tools for transforming essential information from pattern to fabric
    • Get Set. Setting up your sewing space takes more ingenuity than room
    • Go! How to drive Your Machine. Manage curves, take corners and keep your sewing smooth
    • Make the Cut. Scissors or rotary cutters €•you €™ll love them both
    • Photo Finish. Pressing makes all the difference
    • Get in Form. When it comes to fit, a custom dress form is your best friend
  • Build Your Skills
    • Seams. How to make a lasting fabric connection
    • Sew in Shape. Use darts to sculpt garments to your curves
    • Edges are Everywhere. Here are a few techniques for finishing them
    • What is Interfacing? It €™s the key to keeping the shape you want
    • Fabric Fundamentals. Identify three basic textile types
    • Go with the Grain. Knowing the difference between straight grain, cross-grain, and bias is essential to good sewing
  • Discover Patterns
    • Read a Pattern Right. Everything you need to know is on €•or inside €•the pattern envelope
    • Navigate the Pattern Universe. There are all kinds of ways to get patterns
    • Get to Know Ease. It affects how your patterns fit
    • Pattern-Free Sewing Projects. Key measurements and gathering know-how turn 2 garments into 12
  • Sew Like a Pro
    • Measure Your Clothes. Step into your closet for a pain-free fitting lesson
    • Make a Muslin. Test your pattern in a throwaway fabric
    • Buttons Matter. It €™s important to put the right size button in the right place
    • Got Curves? A technique for sewing smooth curves that go in opposite directions
  • Fit & Fine-tune
    • How to Take Perfect Measurements. Mark first, then measure
    • 12 Terrific Finishing Tips. The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals shares strategies for finishing garment edges
    • When Good Darts Go Bad. Rotate the dart to reposition fabric fullness
    • For a Great Fit, Start at the Shoulders. Your shoulder slope affects the fit of every outfit, so alter patterns to match your body
    • Seam Finishes. Match the technique to the fabric for attractive and durable seam allowances
  • Fashion Projects
    • Trim a Purchased Top. A quick fix for an unloved garment
    • Pillow Talk. Make them any size from any fabric
    • Dress Your Duvet. Good measurements and great seams get you covered

You €™ll also find the following departments:

  • Editor €™s Note
  • Tips
  • Web
  • Hot Topics
  • Quiz
  • Quick Reference
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resources
  • Video excerpts from all four seasons

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