Stitch People - A 20-Project Guide to Modern Embroidery Techniques


Learn to embroider project by project with RSN trained, professional embroiderer Jo Dixey.

Sure colouring books are enjoyable and great for stress relief, but what if you want more? More creativity, more mindfulness and more fun? There are myriad crafts that can give you all of these and embroidery, or stitching, is one of them. Tap into your creative side and make one-off pieces of art, embellish clothing with images and symbols unique to you, or make beautiful gifts for your friends.

Professional embroiderer Jo Dixey has designed this book to inspire and challenge both those new to embroidery and those with some knowledge of stitch who want to take their ideas further. 

Each project introduces new embroidery stitches and techniques. As you work through the ideas, you expand your skills and gain confidence in using stitches and ideas in your own work.

The projects range from small embroidered cards to more complex pictures to hang on your wall; simple appliqué for a scarf to an embroidered jacket all based on the theme of people. Templates of the images to stitch are provided for photocopying and there is a photo gallery of all the stitches covered in the book, along with step-by-step photographs of key techniques, such as transferring patterns onto fabric or using batting to create 3D effects. 

Table of Contents

Foreword 7
Introduction 8
Equipment 10
Hands Off scarf fusible web appliqué, couched edge 14
Cartwheel and Splits skirt back stitch on ready-made skirt 18
Waiting for Life to Happen t-shirt fusible web appliqué,
buttonhole stitch edge on a ready-made t-shirt 22
Family Love childs dress simple dress making, chain stitch 26
Shopping bag bag construction, stitched appliqué, back stitch 32
Wireless needle case working with layers of fabric,
running stitch and back stitch 36
Street Style drawstring bag bag construction, back stitch 40

Windows to the Soul stitched mini panel simple
long and short, no shading 62
Moving but Still metal thread picture couching
with metal thread 68
Seeding face picture transferring a design using
tissue paper, seeding stitch 72
Watch your Back jacket chain stitch, fusible web appliqué,
buttonhole stitch on ready-made jacket 76
Shades of Green book cover construction of
a book cover, stem stitch, long and short stitch 80
Talk Talk Talk phone case satin stitch,
long and short stitch, simple construction 86
Ouch pin cushion 2 colour long and short stitch,
couched lettering. 90
Bus Queue stitch sampler surface stitch sampler 96
Man in the Moon brooch Or Nue couching 104
Stoney Faced long and short picture shaded long
and short stitch 110
Stitch gallery 116

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