Funky Friends Soft Toy Pattern - Melody Memory Bear

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Sew lovely keepsakes to cherish as a reminder of your baby’s first years, to mark a special occasion or in memory of a special loved one. Melody is a sitting teddy bear pattern without joints. A great way to transform your child's pre-loved clothing into everlasting treasured keepsakes.


You can use most fabrics to sew this teddy bear sewing pattern. In fact, mixing and matching different types of fabrics makes the memory bears look awesome! Use interfacing to line fabrics that are thin and very stretchy.

This teddy bear pattern is un-jointed - the arms and legs are sewn into the body pieces. This means the bear is a 'sitting bear' and the arms and legs aren't movable but it makes the teddy bear easy to make as there are no complicated joints!

 Finished Size: 31cm (12inches) from table to top of headl!

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