Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel


Fairytale wheel!

This beautifully crafted wheel has a large 61cm (24ins) wheel with 12 spokes mounted on ball bearings for smooth effortless spinning. Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect alignment with the 3 speed whorl. The maiden bar clamps to the base to eliminate vibration. This Double drive wheel produces a fine, firm-twist yarn particularly suited for fine wools and exotic fibres. One adjustment controls both drive band and bobbin take-up. Easily converted to single drive or bobbin lead. The treadle is pivoted for a comfortable heel-toe action. Horizontal lazy kate with 4 bobbins included.

  • Classic design 
  • Huge 61cm (24ins) wheel 
  • High ratios 
  • Double drive and scotch tension

Note: This is a special order item and may take 7-10 days to arrive in the store from the supplier.  

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