Funky Friends Soft Toy Pattern - Butch & Bella the Bulldogs

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Butch is a boisterous British Bulldog whose bark is definitely worse than his bite. Bella is a sassy little French Bulldog that Butch met at a dog show in Paris - bien sûr!  The bulldog stewing pattern has lots of bits and pieces so  this is definitely an intermediate pattern.

Printed Softie Sewing Pattern includes:

  • Ready to use sewing pattern (no need to resize)
  • A colour photo of the completed Funky Friend toy
  • A full list of material requirements
  • Layout diagram
  • Easy to follow instructions


The Butch & Bella Stuffed Animals Toy Sewing Pattern can be made from most types of fabrics including woven, non-stretch fabrics eg. cotton, cotton drill, flannelette, corduroy and quilting fabrics as well as knit, stretchy fabrics like fleece (of any type), velour and chenille.


  • Body fabric (brindle/black) - 40x110cm / 16x43 inches wide
  • Contrast fabric (beige/white) - 25x55cm / 22x10 inches wide
  • White fabric - 15x55cm wide / 6x22 inches wide
  • Black fabric - 15x25cm wide / 6x10inches wide
  • 15-18 mm Craft Eyes
  • Black, white, pink felt scraps for nose, teeth and tongue
  • Embroidery thread for sewing toes

FINISHED SIZE: 33 cm (13 inches) long & 25 cm (10 inches) tall.

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