Cherry Parker's Christmas Ball Cross Stitch Book

Cherry Parker's Christmas Ball Cross Stitch Book

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The Christmas Cross Stitch Ball is easily stitched together to create a unique and very different Christmas decoration to display for years to come.

Also included are favorite recipes that the Parker  family makes year after year. The easiest Christmas Cake , Sugar Cookies, the best ever Caramel Slice, Mince Pies, Rum Balls and the Cheese Ball that never goes out of fashion.

The small cross stitch designs are extremely portable and can be worked on in spare moments any time during the year.

The ball is 50cms (20 €�) in circumference and is constructed in two halves consisting of :

  • 6 octagonal patterns 30sts square
  • 8 hexagonal patterns 25 stitches square
  • 12 small squares each 18 stitches square
Details on how to stitch each design, individual colour photographs and a simple explanation with easy to follow diagrams as to how the ball is  constructed are included.

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